Building the Future


Trunnel and Brace Timberframes construction of Colorado creates longevity and sustainability by effectively using less material to build a structure that has insurmountable strength and integrity.

Passionate, Conscientious, Courteous, Considerate, Personable, Pursuit of Excellence, 

Dedication, Master Craftsman, Family Man, are a few words that best describe Jim Leemon.

Michael Kelly, Architect

Boulder, Colorado

From forest to frame, all of our timbers are hand-crafted, which means that great care and attention are given to each timber and each connection. The uniqueness of each timber and the intricacy of the joinery generates an exceptional level of craftsmanship that is expressed in the finished product.

Timberframing and the practice of mortice and tenon joinery has defined my passion for woodworking and for those who find beauty in their structures. I welcome the opportunity to build for the long term with each new customer.


The accuracy of the joinery and how every part fits well is the only way to assure a long lasting frame.


Mortise and tenon joinery for our cabinets and furniture have also proven their test of time as many of us admire and possess old antiques.

Interior Design

Working with several varieties of wood such as Douglas fir hemlock cedar and our own Colorado beetle kill pine I find each project unique in and of itself.

Complex beauty

“When we build let us think that we build forever. Let it not be for present delight nor for present use alone. Let it be such work as one descendants will thank us for; and let us think, as we lay stone to stone, that a time is to come when those stones will held sacred because our hands have touched them… 


Recent Projects

California Sierra

Carport, Great Room and more


Gehring Barn

Barn raising

Boulder Colorado